Get your policy reviewed

Three simple steps with no cost to you

If you have a policy and would like us to compare it against similar polices from other insurers then the easiest way is to complete our simple form and we’ll get everything we need from your current insurer. It will only take 5 minutes and could save you £££. Follow the three simple steps below to see how we can help.

Step 1 - Download Form

Click here to download our form

Step 2 - Choose your Market Review Option

You’ll notice the form gives you two options. These are outlined below:

Option 1 - Allow us temporary policy access

This option will allow us temporary access to your policy so that we can gather the information we require to carry out a market review.

Option 2 - Make us your appointed broker (preferred)

We will still carry out a market review but we’ll also negotiate with your current insurer which can lead to a significant improvement in terms. This option means that we’ll review your policy every year, we can give assistance when making claims and we’ll manage policy admin such as members changes or changing your contact details.

Please note that selecting this option will remove any broker currently connected to your plan and may result in a commission being paid by the insurer to ourselves.

Step 3 - Enter Your Details

Of course, we need to know your details so please make sure you complete section three.

All Done - Email Us

Click here to email your form

Once the form is received we expect to provide your review within 10 working days for company policies and 5 working days for personal policies.

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